Project Management

Design And Project Management Services

White Wood Kitchens is a Cabinet and Counter top Retailer providing expert Kitchen Design, Kitchen and Bath Cabinets and Project Management Services for your new home or remodel on Cape Cod and beyond.

Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchen and Bath Design as well as custom cabinetry drawings that express your style and your home. Design where function wins and results are celebrated. A successful project starts with a great design bred of ideas, inspiration and input from each and every client. Clients receive drawings, elevations and renderings that illustrate their new project.

Project Management

Full scope project management of all aspects of high end residential construction projects managing interiors from concept to completion. Services focus on critical issues with early identification and resolution of problems to ensure that projects stay on track and on budget.

Project Communication

Open lines of communication are maintained with clients, builders and architects. Daily updates, weekly reporting and milestone meetings will be scheduled as needed to ensure all parties understand and execute in their area of responsibility. Expert Communication who ensures all parties are in alignment from project design through final delivery. Management of multiple subcontractors to keep project budget and deliverables in line and on time.

Client Services

Concierge service ensures clients are kept informed of progress, understand the scope of work and help them enjoy the construction process from concept to keys. Organization of selections and management of client decisions to meet the design and material delivery timelines allows projects to move forward smoothly without causing delays to the schedule.

Vendor and Subcontractor Management

Coordination and communication among all materials vendors and subcontractors ensures that materials are at the jobsite when they are needed and subcontractors are on the job when they are required. Management of all trades to help to eliminate duplication of efforts, inefficient scheduling and cost overruns.

Our Team

Our dedicated team designs and skillfully manages installations in collaboration with premier architects and builders to ensure all parties are on point for every project