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White Wood Kitchens has been a leader of breathtaking and functional kitchen transformations for years. Consistently, we’ve proved that a beautiful and effective island plays a major role in converting any kitchen into the central meeting space and nerve center of the modern home. We’ll help you fully consider your options between one and two tiered islands, while considering innovate additions like appliances and extra storage.

Through sharp eyes and close attention to detail, we deliver the highest quality of kitchen remodeling in Cape Cod MA. We give expert opinions on your other kitchen elements such as kitchen countertops or backsplash that may affect your overall design. Taking care of all your expectations, we guarantee that what your kitchen islands are made highly functional, aesthetically beautiful and creatively designed

Kitchen Island Remodel

An island remodel is largely determined by your kitchen size and the amount of work space needed. However, there are many more details, to consider. Two big factors are your cooking and entertaining habits. This will help us go further in depth to decide on which style and features will best compliment your life. We’ll guide you in picking the right amenities such as levels, appliances, storage and seating. Furthermore, we’ll take you around to manufacturers to choose your perfect countertop. Give us a call soon to explore your many options.

Kitchen Island Styles

One Tiered Islands

When remodeling your island, you’ll be faced with the question of one level or two? The one tiered option is often the better island for small kitchens. It helps streamline and simplify the room’s flow. These “flat” islands are also great for maintaining an open layout and larger workspace. Not to mention, they leave more room for your desired features like appliances. There are other factors to consider, so consult with us to learn about your options.

Two Tiered Islands

Two tiered kitchen islands can be tricky, because you have to find the delicate balance between function and aesthetics. In general, a two-tiered island works best for the person who is more of a host than a chef. However, that is not to say that you can’t have the best of both worlds. Many homeowners rely on that second level to hide dishes and other unsightly materials. Yet, a large enough two-tiered island still has plenty of value as a functionable work space. To learn more about two tiered islands and their features, give us a call.

Sink & Cooktop Islands

Installing appliances into your island is the perfect way to modernize your kitchen. Sink and cooktops are among the most popular island appliances. Still, many homeowners have a tough time deciding which one is best for them. Both are quite practical, however the island size and appliance placement has a direct impact on how useful it will be. For this reason it’s important to consider your lifestyle and primary use of the island before making a decision. Call us, and we’ll discuss the pros and cons together.

Kitchen Island storage

Your island is one of the more versatile options for kitchen storage. Classically, cabinets and drawers have dominated kitchen island storage. But in truth, there are a wealth of other options. Aside from the revamped specialty cabinets and drawers, there are also plenty of innovative ideas. Open shelving for dishes, wine cubbies, seat storage and concealed spaces are just a few examples. Take the time to speak with us about your storage needs and we’ll come up with a plan together.

Eat, Entertain, Love and Laugh in Your New Kitchen

Kitchen Island Styles


For Cooking

Ample workspace and useful features are most important for an island focused on cooking.


For Entertaining

Islands for entertaining are focused more on aesthetic and features like seating or storage.


For the person that enjoys cooking and entertaining equally, we find the most suitable option to compliment both.

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“In my 25 years in business, I have worked with many different kitchen designers.

Gail O’Rourke and her team at White Wood Kitchens are experts at the design/build process. Aside from their amazing showroom; their professionalism, attention to detail, and follow through on our projects puts them in class of their own. They go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our clients.”

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“I am a home builder and remodeler and install four to ten kitchens per year which require attention to detail, quality and minimal call backs. All that is achieved working with Gail at White Wood Kitchens and my customers are always happy.”

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"Gail of White Wood Kitchens has an acute attention to detail. She takes the time to thoroughly understand and address our customers' needs. Working with her has been a huge asset to our company."

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