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At White Wood Kitchens, we collaborate closely with homeowners and contractors to modernize and improve the value and beauty of their homes. One way to accomplish this it to select the right countertop. We gladly escort you to local fabricators throughout eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod to assist you in selecting the right material, color and cut. We’ll discuss with you the various important factors such as durability, heat resistance, maintenance and scratch resistance. Choose from a wide range of stone and materials, each with various pros and cons.

We will further advise you on pairing your countertops with the finest kitchen islands in Cape Cod MA and the cabinets to match. Once all decisions and planning are finalized, we oversee your project from installation to the finishing touches. Your dream kitchen is just a phone call away, so get in touch today!

Countertop Edges

Often, people don’t consider the countertop edges until the last minute. This is a big mistake, as the countertop edge can dramatically transform the look of your counters or island. Instead, selecting the right edge should be included in the process of selecting a countertop material. Among the more popular edges are the classic flat polish and the fashionable waterfall edge. But your options extend far beyond that. Choose from a wealth of straight, curved and decorative edges. Let’s chat to give you a deeper understanding of how the countertop material, design and edge come together perfectly.

Types of Kitchen Countertop Materials


Granite is a timeless favorite for countertop materials. This classic countertop choice has many pros and few cons. For example, though granite takes many years to create, the product is still considered “green” due to its lifetime value that allows it to act as a renewable source. Another point is that the product is basically stain, heat and scratch resistant — on the condition that you regularly treat it with a sealer! The nature of your granite slab can shift slightly, depending on your preferences and budget, so give us a call and we can talk more in depth about it!


Quartzite is one of the tougher natural stones, still it needs sealer to remain protected. Though the sealer may face damage, quartzite rarely does. It works as a great alternative for marble, as it has a clean look and the lovable veining feature. It also comes in similar schemes of greys and whites. Quartzite comes in varying degrees of durability and thus, price. It’s important to note that this stone is not interchangeable with quartz, its manmade counterpart. Consult with us to learn more about the pros and cons of this beautiful countertop material.


Marble is an undeniably stunning stone, that today is used for a lot more than just countertops. In fact, the natural stone has fallen in popularity for countertops due to its high maintenance nature. The material is rather soft and porous, which makes it especially prone to bearing scratches and stains. On the bright side, marble is highly heat-resistant, making it great for islands with cooktops and similar situations. It also happens to be one of the more budget friendly options. Want to go more in depth about your countertop choices? Contact us!


Quartz is the man made version of quartzite. It takes bits of the natural stone and binds them with pigments, resins, and glass. In turn, what you get is an alternative that accommodates most of the areas where the natural stone is lacking. Quartz can be made mimic almost any other stone and comes in a variety of different colors. Furthermore, it requires little to no maintenance and hardly takes any damage. For these reasons and more, quartz is highly popular and worth every penny. Speak with us to determine whether this material is right for your kitchen scheme.

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