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Kitchen Cabinets Refacing

Kitchen refacing can be a very cost effective way of refreshing the look of your tired cabinets, bringing a new and updated look at a fraction of the cost.

Is my kitchen a candidate for a kitchen reface?   

Yes – if you love your cabinet layout and design.  A reface will keep all of your existing cabinets in the same place.  If the flow works for you, the way you cook, the way you entertain then Yes you may be a candidate for a reface.

Yes – if your cabinets are made of single box construction. This means, that your cabinets were installed as individual boxes, and not built in place.  This would assume your cabinets are less than 25 years old, when the trend moved to purchasing cabinets through lumber yards or new construction.  Why?  Built in place cabinetry often don’t have the structure required to install and support new doors, drawer boxes and slides.

Yes – if your cabinets are in good repair.  Cabinetry that is cracked, poorly installed, made with lower quality products are not good candidates for refacing.  If your cabinet still looks good, just isn’t the color or design that you like, then yes you may be a candidate for a reface.

What are my options with a kitchen reface?

(1) Painting your kitchen – a painter can come in, sand down your current cabinet faces and doors and give you a fresh new look.  Paint refinishing is not warrantied, and typically lasts 5 – 8 years before it needs to be done again.

(2) Replacing fronts – Door and drawer fronts can be removed, measured and replaced with a cabinet with a factory finish.  These cabinet doors will be a maple with a multi-step finish completed in a factory under the strictest conditions to increase performance and presentation that cannot be achieved in a re – painted door. The face frame of the cabinets would be sanded and matched to the new door finish.

What else can I do to update my kitchen?

(1) New countertops, sink and faucet – updating a well-used laminate counter with a quartz or granite will certainly align your kitchen with the latest trends and increase the performance of your counter.

(2) New hardware – swapping out hardware can add that finishing touch and design element to complement your home.

When should I consider a replacement kitchen?

(1) If you answered no to any of the above, then a replacement kitchen is your best bet.  A replacement kitchen will be measured and ordered to meet your specific requirements for design, function and budget.  You will have the flexibility to change the function of cabinets, relocate appliances or cabinetry, adding additional cabinetry or even an island or creating a peninsula.  You will also benefit from the full warranties for performance from the manufacturer.  Replacement kitchens will have longevity and beauty for years to come. Modern accessories can also contribute to the overall use of your cabinetry, storage and function can increase with roll outs, trash pull outs, spice storage, tray dividers, glass doors and many other items now available on the market.

Give a worksheet for refacing

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