Five Things You Need to Know When Remodeling Your Bathroom

FIVE Things you need to know before remodeling your bathroom.

1. Pick the right partners:

Pick reputable contractors that are attentive, and come highly recommended. Depending on your project, you will most likely need a tile installer, plumber, electrician, and White Wood Kitchens to handle your cabinets and countertops.

2. Select the right fixtures:

Research what is new, as well as traditional out there in the market for bathroom fixtures. There may be products you never considered. Such items may include: Rainmaker shower heads, comfort height toilets with no touch flushing capabilities and vent fans with humidity sensors that turn on and off automatically. Do you want a fiberglass tub? Or are you going to build a tile shower?

3. Storage solutions:

Keep in mind, when you remodel your bathroom, there still needs to be functional storage for all your linens and toiletries. White Wood Kitchens specializes in vanities and linen closets of all shapes and sizes.

4. Freedom in the design:

Be creative! The bathroom is a separate entity from the rest of the house. Be adventurous with your bathroom design. Model it after a soothing spa, or in a way that reminds you of a favorite vacation spot.Shower Accent Tile

5. Finishing touches:

Glass shower doors, towel and toilet rods, a mirror and new lighting, as well as window treatments are all things to be considered to finish off your new bathroom.

If you’re the DIY type, use this handy measuring guide:

http://cellularwindowshades.com/content/56-how-to-measure to figure out what size window treatments you need to order online or with a local dealer.

The team at White Wood Kitchens is just a phone call away should you need help designing your bathroom. Our project management team is available 7 days a week. We set the standard high and you should expect nothing less!

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