Fieldstone Cabinetry

This year there are some exciting new products from our manufacturers. Fieldstone Cabinetry’s has one that stands out. It is the introduction of the Walnut wood species into the line of door selections. If you are not familiar with Fieldstone they are a semi-custom cabinetry line made here in the US. Sioux Falls, South Dakota to be exact. The designers here at White Wood Kitchens Love Fieldstone due to the flexibility of the line. Offering Full inset and overlay options as well as being exceptionally customizable. This is not often found in semi-custom lines by other manufactures. This is great because it can accommodate the unique applications dreamed up by our designers. This allows for greater creativity in the design process. Fieldstone also has a reputation for outstanding fit and finish with a range of wood species, colors, finishes and treatments. The end results are timeless, beautiful projects that can be enjoyed for many years.

As stated on their website, “Fieldstone Cabinetry is a leader in the kitchen cabinetry and bath vanity market. Fieldstone has a variety of kitchen cabinets and bath vanities … to fit all needs and styles…”. They stay true to this mission in 2018 by adding the Walnut as a wood species, the X door, and the line of Antiquities finishes. The Walnut is truly stunning! This is an American Black Walnut, harvested on the east coast. Walnut is either a wavy or a straight grained hardwood with a course texture. This species is often used in furniture making and gets a lot of attention for the movement it can have in the grain. Walnut is a wood with a lot of character without being flashy or overstated. This is due to the variation in the tones of the heartwood and sapwood. It is often described as creamy and ranges from light milky whites to rich dark browns. Fieldstone has a proprietary process they use on their Walnut to mellow out the variation which produces a rich and consistent hue.

Sustainability is an important factor when considering your selections, especially with regards to cabinets. Both the manufacturing process and the harvesting of wood have direct and real word impact on our environment. Fieldstone is certified by the (KCMA) Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program. This encompasses industry concerns from sourcing responsible materials, low emission coatings and recycling. Fieldstones commitment to this is another reason why they are a great option.

We love doing business with companies like fieldstone that’s values reflect our own. As stated on their website, they, “Take pride in their work, their people, community and the environment”.
Evan LaPorte

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