Meet Gail

What you need to know about me:  I love what I do! 

I can’t tell you how often people ask me how I got where I am today; a cabinetmaker, kitchen designer, project manager.Gail O'Rourke 031

We moved to where we now live about 15 years ago. A working class couple with three small, busy children, we bought a house we had to fill and wanted to make it our own. We started with renovations, flooring, painting and when that was done we didn’t have any money left for furniture. And, that’s how it started, I looked up some pieces in Pottery Barn that I wanted and I made them. I caught on fast and had a natural talent. Here’s my first piece, a Ebony Wine Rack. I still have it in my dining room. I moved on to many other projects including custom built ins, wine cellars and home offices.


Soon thereafter I started working for Timberwolf Woodworking, a custom builder with his own cabinet shop. I worked there for a year and half, under the cabinetmaker, building skills and learning the tools of the trade. After that time, I continued to hone my skills, taking classes, learning online and reading everything I could find…until I opened the doors of Hometown Woodworking.


There are a few things that made me successful as owner/cabinetmaker at Hometown Woodworking. First, I loved what I did and it showed. Clients talked and I listened. We collaborated and they got exactly what they wanted. Second, I used my business, management and operations skillset to build a successful business, marketing it and selling myself. Third, I didn’t have any fear of failure. The exciting thing about woodworking is that wood is a medium to success. If the wood does not find success in it’s current state, then you can remake it, sand it, cut it, paint it into something new. There is no end to what you can create and re create.


I ran Hometown Woodworking for 7 years, working as sole proprietor and cabinetmaker, delivery person, installer, accounting, marketing, floor sweeper. You get the picture. With a declining construction economy and a willingness to expand my skills I sought employment in larger firms. I worked for several different companies, RS Means – a construction data company, Parker Construction – as a project manager on a 30 million dollar residential project, Chestnut Bay Cabinets as a Shop Foreman and Operations Manager and have recently settled into kitchen design and project management. – opening the doors of White Wood Kitchens in 2013.

What I love about this job is the ability to work hand in hand with my clients, their builders and architects and provide them with concierge service with an incredible cabinet as an end result. I wouldn’t sell it if I wouldn’t put it in my own kitchen, that’s my promise to you.


So, I hope that you check back in, see what’s happening and get involved. You never know, your home may be next!

Contact me at or via phone at (508) 353-9183 or VISIT A LUMBERYARD WITH GAIL

See you soon,




Gail is a member of  the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod and serves on the board of  the Room to Dream Foundation.


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