I need a new kitchen, what do I do first?

Call us!  Then we can get started on your dream kitchen.

Identifying your scope of work and drawing out the new plan for your space is a critical first step.

Once that is determined we will proceed with the following:

Determining your construction costs based on your new plan by putting it out to bid

Determining your cabinet and counter costs based on your layout

Determining your appliance needs for your dream kitchen

Determining your schedule for completion

The time spent on a well thought out kitchen plan will result in a cost analysis that is solid and in direct relation to what you want to do.  Once you receive your proposals you can then look at your budget and make informed changes based on your needs.  Having a schedule and timeline for your project also allows you to work your project into your life and plan the best time to tackle a kitchen remodel. So, Let’s talk, get it down on paper and see where your dreams are taking us.

 Make the call  – 508-353-9183 and set up your appointment today.  – Gail