Bathroom Vanities – small to large!

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We have a solution to every bathroom!

The question that everyone asks when designing and styling bathrooms is “Pick the counter first? or Pick the tile first?”

I like to look at the tile first. When going to the tile store,  you are going to see loads of different options for tile for the floor, shower and accents.  Find a collection that works for you.

You will be looking for tiles for the following:

Floor tile, Shower floor tile, Shower wall tile (often called field tile) and Shower accent tile.



Once you select those pieces and collection – we can hunt for the perfect stone to bring it all together.  This stone will be the countertop materials, the stone stock for the shower  – thresholds, jambs, wall caps, bench, and corner shelf.

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Once you select the stone material – whether it’s granite, marble or quartz, we can tweak the tile selections so that everything flows together for a satisfying, complete and beautiful bath!

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Here is a few of our recent bath/vanity projects.





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Custom Bath designed to fit small spaces

Custom Bath designed to fit small spaces

Tile shower and Custom Bath Cabinetry.

Tile shower and Custom Bath Cabinetry.